I have been doing classes at iambarre for 2 and a half years now and in case you think I am a keen exerciser, I can tell you quite the opposite, in fact I paid a Gym membership for 5 years and never once entered the building. Since joining this class however, I am addicted and there isn’t a week that goes by without doing at least 1 class and on a normal week I attend 3. Not only do I feel good but I also feel like I am strengthening parts of my body I didn’t even know moved and this has led to a significant change in my body shape and muscle tone. I really enjoy this class, not only do I feel I have done a good workout; it is a great social event with lots of great women all supporting each other. I plan to continue this until I am too old to even walk.

Karina, Melbourn

Karen is an amazing teacher, very professional, knows the body and understands and works with my back problem. I have been attending classes for 2 years and my bottom has definitely firmed up, it looks like it did in my 20’s. I can’t praise this method enough!

Jo, Harston

Rosie’s Beginner Classes are an excellent introduction to iambarre. BUT Beginner doesn’t mean easy – it’s focused and hard work from the start, delivers results and is totally addictive. Rosie gives precise instructions, demonstrates all exercises, provides focused supervision and is a fun and inspirational teacher.

Jane, Cambridge

The iambarre is a fantastic route to physical well being, whatever one’s age or level of fitness, The carefully devised exercises subtly define and refine one’s body shape, enhance muscle control and increase stamina. Karen’s classes have contributed significantly to my own rehabilitation from a serious illness and the effects of 2 years of heavy duty treatment; and even better they are great fun. Give iambarre class a go; you won’t regret it and your body will thank you

Mary C, Melbourn

Karen Taylor’s class is addictive! You work your muscles very hard but leave each class pleased that you have done it. Karen is a lovely knowledgeable teacher who supports you through each exercise.

Mary, Meldreth

I have tried a couple of exercise classes before but you can really see the difference in body shape of those that regularly attend Karen’s classes. I am only a beginner and already I can see the effect of being more toned and leaner in the right places. I have limited time and find this the most effective way to keep fit and my posture aligned… no more massages every week! Karen is very helpful and having small groups means if you get stuck she can spend time on you personally.

Patricia, Melbourn

I have attended classes with both Rosie and Karen. They are both really super teachers, professional, fun and caring. I never thought I would enjoy the classes as much as I do. The routines are certainly challenging even if you regularly go to the gym!!


The great thing about iambarre classes is that because there are so many exercises I never get bored! Each lesson is different and most importantly I never check my watch, the time flies by. Rosie explains each exercise and I always feel confident that I’m in good hands. This is suitable for anyone regardless of fitness ability.

Margaret, Harston

An iambarre class is without doubt the most effective toning and conditioning exercise class I’ve ever done in 30 years of exercising. The classes are addictive and from one class a week at the start, I’m now doing 3! Karen is extremely knowledgeable and was brilliant at helping me recover from a recent knee anthroscopy by tailoring some of the exercises to suit me when I returned to class. I think anyone who enjoys a seriously good work out and cares about their long term fitness, core strength and mobility should have ‘iambarre’ in their lives!

Jayne, Linton

iambarre is worth every bit of hard work. Karen’s classes are challenging, but great fun. I always look forward to the exercise and music and then of course the coffee!

Isabelle, Melbourn

iambarre class is the first thing I’ve ever managed to stick to week in week out. Karen is a true professional and great fun too. And yes, all that ‘wrapping around’ really does work! The slow descent downwards seems to have been arrested for the time being.

Jane, Histon

iambarre tones you up, strengthens your muscles and improves stamina, even when just attending once a week, it is however extremely hard work. Karen lets you progress at your own rate but does not allow you to slack. The after class ‘cuppa’ is the best of the week!

Ann, Chishill

I have always been afraid to do any exercise classes because of my back/neck problems, but this class is so well supervised with lots of individual advice.

Eileen, Melbourn

After just one class my leg muscles were feeling the benefit… for the next couple of days! The lesson was tough (for a novice) but very enjoyable and really quite addictive – roll on the next one. I am already aware of my posture and am looking forward to a more flexible, firm and supple body.

Lu, Madingley

Karen has been successful in training Rosie to teach us all to her remarkably exacting standards. Rosie is now an excellent teacher and I enjoy her classes. Whilst I was doing Jury service recently someone paid me a very flattering compliment, describing me as ‘inspirational’ with my commitment to staying so fit. There is no doubt that my body shape has changed since starting iambarre and I am very pleased that at 66 years old I am able to hold my own in the class. I think it would be fair to say that I am completely hooked on iambarre classes… I love them!

Val, Bassingbourn

Not only have I found Karen’s classes hugely enjoyable, I have also noticed how much more conscious they’ve made me of my posture all week long, which has helped prevent the return of a recurrent stiff neck problem.

Sam, Cambridge